AeroPress Go Review: The Best Coffee Maker for Traveling

The AeroPress Go could be the ideal solution for coffee enthusiasts who love camping but struggle to find a suitable coffee maker for their outdoor adventures.

Designed for on-the-go brewing, its compact and portable nature revolutionizes the morning routine for those who can’t kickstart their day without a fantastic cup of coffee.

In this article, I’ll share my personal experience with this nifty brewer and how it can elevate your camping coffee experience.

What is the AeroPress Go?

The AEROPRESS GO is a coffee maker that I absolutely love as a traveler. Coffee enthusiasts, like myself, have widely embraced it, desiring a quality cup of coffee while on the move.

This smaller version of the AeroPress is incredibly convenient to take with me, whether I’m camping, traveling, or simply looking for a quick and delicious cup at home.

The designers have done an excellent job crafting this compact coffee machine. It’s not only durable but also highly portable, lightweight, and sleek.

As someone who already appreciates the AeroPress, I can confidently say that the AEROPRESS GO takes it up a notch. This coffee maker consistently brews fantastic coffee, and it’s incredibly user-friendly.

Thanks to it, I can enjoy my favorite coffee blend wherever my adventures take me. It’s a coffee companion that I can’t do without!

AeroPress Go Highlights: Perfect Portable Coffee Companion

Portability of the AeroPress Go for Travelers

I love to travel and truly value great coffee, so the AeroPress Go is crucial for me. Its small and light design allows me to easily pack it, bringing my favorite coffee blend everywhere.

The travel case, keeping everything organized and tidy, adds to its significance.

I can use it in a hotel room, at a campsite, or anywhere else I go. Plus, cleaning it is a breeze, making it even more convenient for my on-the-go lifestyle. If you love coffee and enjoy adventures, the AeroPress Go is a must-have. It lets you savor quality coffee wherever you go.

Lightweight Design for Travel Enthusiasts

The AeroPress Go is a fantastic coffee maker, and I absolutely love it. The coffee maker is easy to use and portable, so it’s perfect for people who travel, camp, or love good coffee.

The design is simple and it only weighs 15.3 oz (448 g), so it’s easy to carry on my trips. It ensures that I can enjoy my favorite coffee blend no matter where my adventures take me.

The AeroPress Go is a light coffee maker. It’s great for travelers who love good coffee. It even comes with a handy travel case and offers various brewing methods to suit my preferences.

Look and Design of the AeroPress Go

  • Compact Size: I find the AeroPress Go’s smaller size compared to the original AeroPress extremely convenient. It’s perfect for making coffee on the go, whether I’m traveling, at the office, or enjoying the outdoors. However, its smaller size means it might not fit some of the larger mugs I use.
  • Color and Design: The AeroPress Go really stands out with its red logo and numbers, a nice change from the older model’s gold color. This gives it a modern and stylish look, and I find the numbers easy to read. The design is sleek and clean. The bottom has a slightly oval shape, and the top is round and narrow, which gives it a cool, updated appearance.
  • Improved Seal: A significant upgrade I appreciate in the AeroPress Go is its sealing mechanism. Instead of rubber, it now uses silicone, which is smoother and makes it easier for me to press when brewing coffee. This silicone part is also more durable and doesn’t get sticky or oily over time, so I expect it to last longer and perform better.
  • Portability and Functionality: The AeroPress Go is ideal for someone like me who travels a lot. It’s compact enough to fit easily in my bag or suitcase and is built to endure. Despite its small size, it still brews excellent coffee, just like the larger AeroPress.

Durability of the AeroPress Go

When I look for a travel-friendly coffee maker, I know durability is crucial. That’s why I’m impressed with the AeroPress Go.

It’s designed to handle the challenges of travel and the pressure needed to brew a perfect cup of coffee. The creators of the AeroPress Go have thought about making it both lightweight and tough.

I find this coffee maker to be sturdy and built to last. It’s made from materials that can take the pressure I apply when pressing down to make my coffee.

This means I don’t have to worry about it breaking or collapsing while I use it, as long as I’m using it correctly. The AeroPress Go is the reliable travel companion I need, always ready to deliver a great cup of coffee without showing signs of wear and tear from regular use.

Components of the AeroPress Go

When I unpacked the AeroPress Go, I was pleased to find it comes with everything needed for a great brewing experience. Here’s what’s included:

Brewer (Plunger + Chamber): The heart of the AeroPress Go is its brewer, which includes a plunger and chamber. This is where the coffee magic happens. It’s well-designed and easy to use.

15oz Mug with Lid: The kit includes a 15oz mug that’s just the right size for a good cup of coffee. The lid is a thoughtful addition, keeping my coffee warm and preventing spills, especially when I’m on the move.

Stirrer: There’s also a stirrer, which is handy for ensuring the coffee grounds are evenly soaked, leading to a better extraction and a more flavorful cup.

Scoop: The scoop helps me measure the perfect amount of coffee every time. No more guessing or using random spoons from the kitchen.

350 Paper Filters: I was impressed to see 350 paper filters included. That’s a lot of coffee brewing before I need to think about getting more.

Filter Case: The filter case is a neat addition. It keeps the filters organized and easy to access, which is super convenient.

Filter Cap: Lastly, the filter cap is crucial for keeping the coffee grounds in place while I press. It fits snugly and does its job perfectly.

But, there are a few things I need to remember to bring myself. The AeroPress Go comes with a lot of filters, but I’ll have to buy more when they’re all used up. It doesn’t come with a grinder for the coffee beans, and it doesn’t come with the coffee either.

How do you use the AeroPress Go?

Next up, you might be wondering: How do I use the AeroPress Go? Don’t worry, it’s quite straightforward. The AeroPress Go operates by pressing down on the slimmer tube, which pushes the coffee from the thicker tube through the filter and into the cup. Here’s my usual routine:

  1. Prepare the Filter: I start by inserting a micro-filter into the filter cap and screwing it onto the thicker tube.
  2. Set Up the Cup: I place the silicone lid under the cup to act as a coaster.
  3. Measure and Grind Beans: I weigh out 18 grams of coffee beans and grind them to a medium-fine texture.
  4. Add Coffee to Tube: I then transfer the ground coffee into the thicker tube and position it atop the cup.
  5. Heat and Pour Water: I heat water to 190°F (88°C) and pour it gradually into the tube, stirring softly with the provided stirrer.
  6. Steep: I let the coffee steep for about one minute.
  7. Press and Brew: Finally, I insert the slimmer tube into the thicker one and press down, guiding the coffee through the filter into my cup.

Now that you’re familiar with the basic steps of using the AeroPress Go, let’s elevate your coffee game.

I’ve gathered a couple of expert recipes that will help you explore the versatility of this amazing brewer.

Whether you’re a fan of a classic approach or love experimenting with new techniques, these recipes are sure to enhance your AeroPress experience.

Expert Recipes:

  1. Jarno Peräkylä’s Standard Method:
  • Ingredients: 15.3 grams of coffee, 225 ml of water
  • Brew Time: 1 minute and 30 seconds
  • Steps: This method involves preheating the AeroPress, adding coffee, pouring water swiftly, stirring, and pressing down gently after a specific brewing duration.
  1. Mateusz Petlinski’s Inverted Method:
  • Ingredients: 30 grams of coffee (coarse grind), 120 ml of water plus 120 ml of bypass water
  • Brew Time: 2 minutes and 15 seconds
  • Steps: This technique includes preheating the AeroPress, adding coffee in an inverted position, pouring water at a precise temperature, stirring, and then flipping the AeroPress for pressing.

These methods are great for playing around with your AeroPress Go and finding your favorite way to make coffee. Let’s get brewing!


In conclusion, the AeroPress Go is a standout choice for any coffee enthusiast on the move. Its compact design, ease of use, and versatility make it perfect for travel, camping, or any outdoor adventure.

Whether you prefer a classic brewing method or enjoy experimenting, the AeroPress Go adapts to your coffee needs, ensuring you never have to compromise on quality.

So, if you’re looking for a portable, durable, and affordable coffee maker that doesn’t sacrifice taste, the AeroPress Go is your go-to option. Ready to elevate your travel coffee experience?

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