The Ultimate Hario Nel Drip Review

The Hario Nel Drip is a coffee brewing device designed by Hario, a Japanese company renowned for its coffee equipment.

Now, unlock the full potential of your coffee ritual with my in-depth review of the Hario Nel Drip. As a seasoned coffee appliance expert, I’ve carefully tested and examined its features to bring you the ultimate guide to enhancing your brewing experience.

What is Hario Nel Drip?

The Hario Nel Drip is a traditional Japanese coffee maker with a strong and long-lasting flannel filter. Its Chemex-like shape features a basket-like cloth filter, sometimes referred to as a “Nel pot” or “Woodneck dripper.”

It’s a simple, affordable device known for brewing full-bodied, rich coffee with a flavor that brings to mind the French press but without the mess. Plus, it offers manual control over the brewing process, appealing to hands-on coffee enthusiasts.

Exploring the Hario Nel Drip: Key Features

• Flannel Filter: The flannel filter of the Hario Nel Drip is thick and durable, allowing for multiple uses. Also, unlike most pour-over coffee makers that rely on paper filters, Hario goes its own way with a cloth filter.

• The conical shape of the filter: This unique shape of the Hario Nel Drip ensures a smooth and consistent pour. Specifically, the gradual tapering of the filter allows for a controlled flow of hot water through the coffee grounds, ensuring an even extraction and a more flavorful cup of coffee.

• The handled wire loop: The Hario Nel Drip’s handled wire loop features a hole that facilitates easy removal and sterilization of the filter. This not only ensures convenience but also helps prevent any accidental spills or messes that might occur during filter removal.

Why should you use Hario Nel Drip? An honest review

Here’s what makes the Hario Nel Drip a standout choice:

1. Uniquely Delicious Flavor

The Nel Drip uses a special cloth flannel filter instead of regular paper or metal filters. Therefore, the flavor profile achieved with this coffee maker is well-rounded, robust, and free from the acidic bite found in other methods. Thus, it brings a touch of elegance and ritual to the coffee-brewing process. 

2. Easy to use and control the brew

The cone-shaped filter allows smooth water pouring and flow control. Plus, the filter handle’s hole simplifies cleaning and replacement.

Moreover, one cool thing is that it’s stable when you pour water over your coffee grounds. So, even if your hand shakes a bit while you are pouring, it won’t mess up your brew.

3. Easy to clean

The clean-up of the Hario Woodneck is a snap because you just turn it inside out, tap into a garbage can, rinse, and store it.

4. Durability: Environmental Benefits

The cloth filter is reusable, thus garnering praise for its environment. Specifically, the permanent filter is superior to disposable paper filters in many ways. In addition, if you want to avoid consuming plastic since a single automatic coffee maker has some plastic parts that get in touch with hot water, this pot works.

5. Hands-on experience

Hario Nel Drip reminded me of the simple joy of pour-over coffee, a welcome change from years of automatic drip machines. Pouring water over the coffee grounds in the morning is a simple, enjoyable routine. So, it may have seemed like a chore at first, but now it is a delightful ritual that helps me savor a fantastic cup of coffee.

In reality, the whole process only takes about 4 to 6 minutes, and it is definitely worth the wait and the patience.

What You Might Not Like

Explore Hario Nel Drip’s features, but be aware of considerations in this balanced perspective for informed decision-making.

Here, I provide you with some aspects that might not align with everyone’s preferences:

1. Inconvenient to store and carry

When using Hario Nel Drip, you might read the instruction that never let the filter dry out, but instead rinse and store it wet. Otherwise, it will develop an unpleasant smell and you will need to get a new one.

In addition, the Hario Nel Drip set is not ideal for convenient portability due to its bulky shape and wet materials. So, if you’re the kind of hiker who forgets guidebook pages, bringing a glass timer and damp filter might not be your top concern.

2. To keep the filter clean, you need to boil it every few uses

The flannel filter should be boiled every few uses to prevent fine coffee grounds and oils from building up in the delicate cotton mesh of the filter. That is the reason why Nel filter maintenance is considered to be troublesome.

3. Fragile glass

The glass is very fragile, and I did not realize that holding it by the mouth area could easily break it. If you tend to break dishes easily, think twice before buying this item.

4. More material, more expensive

It is no surprise that an all-in-one drip pot costs more than a standalone pour-over filter cone. However, the Woodneck is still more affordable than the Chemex. Also, it comes with a reusable filter, which can save you money in the long run. 

Choosing Your Hario Nel Drip: Buyer’s Tips

Now, let’s dive into the essential insights of choosing the Hario Nel Drip with my buying tips.

• Ensure the filter fits the handle

The filter’s diameter should match the size of the wooden handle, so be sure to choose the right-sized filter for your drip set handle.

• Choosing the right size

The Hario Nel Drip comes in two different sizes. One for single servings and another for two to three cups of coffee. Specifically, there are mainly two sizes, 240ml and 480ml.

A tip for you is that, if you enjoy a larger mug of coffee in the morning or are making coffee for an extra person, opting for the bigger drip pot is a wise choice.

• Better to find a seller who supplies all sets of Hario Nel Drip

Some stores sell only the pot, and you will have to purchase the filter separately, incurring additional charges. It is more cost-effective to find a store that offers both together.

Is the Hario Nel Drip Right for You?

• You enjoy the manual coffee process

If you really love coffee, manual coffee machines such as Hario Nel Drip are the way to go. They let you have full control over how your coffee turns out. Automatic machines are okay, but they can not match the specialness of manual brewing. 

So, if you want to make the most amazing coffee and enjoy every bit of its flavor and smell, go for a manual coffee brewer such as Hario Nel Drip.

• You are finding coffee with a fuller mouthfeel, elegance, and authenticity

If you find that some fancy espresso places serve coffee that feels a bit heavy, with thick and strong flavors, then trying a cup from a Nel drip pot can be a refreshing change. In one word, Hario Woodneck is perfect for those who crave a coffee with a bit more “oomph”.

Because of its connection to history and tradition, a Nel drip isn’t just a tool for making great coffee. It brings a touch of sophisticated charm to your modern coffee setup, whether it’s at home or in a cafe.

•  You are patient and dedicated

Brewing a perfect cup of Nel drip coffee with the Hario Nel Drip set might take some practice. Do not worry, it is suitable for beginners and experts alike.

While getting that ideal cup may require a bit of patience and dedication, using the equipment itself is super simple, even if you are just starting out. 


In summary, the Hario Nel Drip offers an authentic, hands-on coffee experience with unique features like a flannel filter and a conical shape for a well-rounded, robust flavor. Its environmental benefits and easy cleaning further contribute to its appeal.

However, it’s essential to consider some potential drawbacks. After all, if you appreciate manual brewing, seek a fuller mouthfeel, and possess patience, the Hario Nel Drip could be a must-try.

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