Kenya AA: One of The Top Quality Arabica Coffee

A lot of people love coffee. It has become the beverage of the masses. Some people can’t do without it in the morning as it gives them the energy to face the day. Others like it in the evening as caffeine is known to have some positive effects on metabolism. Anyway, finding the best coffee can be tough since you can’t find it in many places. Some of the best coffees in the world come from a few places. One of them is Kenya. This country produces some kickass coffee.

Most coffee experts say that it is even better than some of the coffee considered to be good. This is due to its delicate, full-bodied, and complex flavor. It is something Kenyan farmers can boast about. It doesn’t come by chance. There are a lot of factors that help them grow such great coffee. This includes great weather conditions for growing and better commerce strategies. The farmers also do thorough research on the coffee they grow. This is how they come up with the best varieties like AA coffee. Let’s find out more.

What Is Kenya AA Coffee

This type of coffee is often the king of all coffee varieties from Kenya. It is among the best of the best coffees in the world. Several factors come into play to create these full-bodied beans with a complex taste. The processing methods and the grading also contribute to the quality of the beans. Most people always confuse “Kenya AA” as being a specific type of coffee grown in Kenya. Some think it’s an indicator of where the beans are grown.

kenya AA coffee is known for having a light body and an intense floral taste
Kenya AA coffee bean

However, AA represents the top-level of Kenya’s coffee grading system. In this country, the beans are usually graded while they are green. There are a total of eight grades available in the grading system. If the beans have an “AA” grade, that means they are the best of the batch. They should be of the best quality since they check everything. The graded beans should match every requirement in the AA category.

Kenya AA Coffee Beans Wet-process

There are several factors that influence the quality of AA coffee in Kenya. The processing method is one of them. After harvesting the beans, they will be quickly taken to the processing area. The first thing the farmers do is separate the overripe beans from the underripe ones. They will then go to the pulping area. The pulp is then separated from the coffee cherries. Usually by squeezing them through various screens. When this is over, the farmers will then take the seeds and put them in tanks filled with spring water. These tanks have ceramic floor tiles to help with the fermentation process. The seeds will sit in the tanks for 24 hours. This is usually all there is to the wet-processing method.

After 24 hours, the beans are ready to be of good quality and ready to go. But, in Kenya, the process is not yet done. They take it a bit further. The farmers will take the beans and ferment them again for another 24 hours. When the 24 hours are over, the coffee beans will go to a washing area. This is where all the fermented water will be washed away using clean water. This will also aid in the removal of any remaining pulp.

The farmers will wash the beans and leave them to soak overnight. This is necessary as it allows the beans to germinate. It will increase the complexity and sweetness of the coffee. The farmers will then take the beans out and leave them to dry. They often put them on some raised beds for a period of about 1 to 3 weeks depending on the weather. However, they will be under constant supervision. When the coffee beans meet a certain level of moisture, they will go in conditioning bins. This is the last step before they go to the dry mill.

Nyeri Hill Estate

If there is a place where Kenya AA coffee can do well, it’s the Nyeri Hill estate. When you research the history of coffee in Kenya, you will find that this was among the first coffee firms in the country. The estate is located in Nyeri County where it lies along the slopes of Mount Kenya. This area is quite rich in minerals from the volcanic soil found on the mountain’s slopes.

With the double fermentation process, farmers can produce a beautifully balanced cup. One that is quite vibrant and full of flavor. Locals are given job opportunities by the farm. 90% of its workforce comes from the local community. The farm is not that large, but it still helps improve the living standards of people in the area.

Taste Profile of Kenya AA Coffee

Kenyan farmers employ a thorough grading system. This ensures that the coffee they produce is up to the standards required. The Kenya AA coffee is known for having a light body and an intense floral taste. When drinking it, you will also feel a bright taste in your mouth. If you have a refined palate, you will detect some wine as well as flavors of tropical fruits and berries. You will also notice the bright acidity and a mesmerizing hibiscus aroma. All these are combined to give you a well-balanced cup that is full of the quality you desire.


Kenyan coffee has a long history. As you continue to enjoy the coffee coming from this region, it is best to know what grade you are getting. If you don’t like strong coffee, you can opt for a blend. If you are a caffeine addict, a pure-ground Kenyan AA would do you good. Kenya is among the top-producing coffee countries in the world in terms of quality. With this, you can expect to find other coffee grades in the region as well. But if your aim is to find the best quality, try out the Kenyan AA.

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