Lavazza Super Crema: Your Passport to Premium Coffee Bliss

Lavazza Super Crema, a true embodiment of Italian coffee excellence, presents a medium roast coffee that boasts a harmonious blend of flavors.

This exceptional coffee blend offers notes of hazelnut and cane sugar with a full-bodied taste that’s both rich and captivating.

Fact about Lavazza Super Crema

Lavazza, a renowned name in the coffee industry, devoted to seeking out the finest coffee bean blends around the globe over 125 years. Their steadfast dedication is to deliver a taste and aroma that is unmistakably Lavazza, setting them apart in the world of coffee.

With a tenacious commitment to quality, Lavazza has carefully selected and combined the best Arabica and Robusta beans to bring you a coffee that is nothing short of extraordinary.

Lavazza Super Crema: 60% Arabica + 40% Robusta

As a result, Lavazza has successfully crafted Super Crema to perfection. This blend promises to take your taste buds on a delightful journey through a symphony of flavors and aromas.

Roast Profile

Roast Level

Lavazza Super Crema coffee, with its medium roast profile, masterfully finds the sweet spot between the brightness of a light roast and the depth of a dark roast.

This roast level, characterized by its matte brown color, adds a unique dimension to the coffee’s visual appeal.

Moreover, unlike beans with an oily shine, Super Crema beans retain their non-oily texture, guaranteeing a smooth journey when they traverse the hopper and grinder. Hence, it allows the beans to reach the proper pressure on the gauge with remarkable consistency, cup after cup.

Thus, this medium roast’s characteristic richness and depth bring out the best in each coffee bean, ensuring a harmonious and well-rounded coffee experience.

Super Crema Bean Origin

Lavazza Super Crema is a carefully crafted blend that consists of 60% Arabica beans and 40% Robusta beans sourced from Central and South America. Specifically, it balances full-bodied richness with delightful nuances.

Appearance, Taste, and Aroma


When it comes to Lavazza Super Crema, the visual experience is as enticing as the taste itself.

As you brew a cup, you’re greeted by a golden crown of crema, a sumptuous layer of foam that crowns your espresso. It boasts a luxurious thickness and a velvety texture that caresses your palate with every sip.

In addition, the crema exhibits a gorgeous hazelnut color. It’s not only visually pleasing but also a testament to the coffee’s freshness and the expert craftsmanship behind it.

What’s more, this visual appeal matches a silky mouthfeel that elevates the entire coffee experience. With an abundant crema crowning your cup, Super Crema fulfills its promise while adding an extra layer of indulgence to your daily coffee ritual.


This coffee blend offers a flavor profile that’s nothing short of exceptional.

Lavazza Super Crema coffee is full-bodied and rich without being overpowering, making it the perfect choice for crafting the ideal shot of espresso, latte, or cappuccino.

The richness of roasted hazelnut and the subtle sweetness of brown sugar unite in perfect harmony. So, it creates an indulgent coffee experience that’s truly comforting. Furthermore, its smoothness and delicate bitterness also contribute to Super Crema’s standout qualities.

Plus, unlike others, Super Crema guarantees an exquisite finish, leaving coffee enthusiasts extremely satisfied.


Lavazza Super Crema brings a sensory delight, and at its heart are two key aromatic notes: Hazelnut and cane sugar.

Firstly, the hazelnut aroma in Super Crema is a nod to the roasted perfection of the coffee beans. As you take in the scent, you’ll be transported to the heart of a hazelnut grove, with the warm and comforting fragrance of freshly roasted nuts.

Secondly, complementing the hazelnut’s charm is a gentle whisper of cane sugar sweetness. It doesn’t dominate but gracefully enhances the coffee’s fragrance. Hence, this creation results in a balanced aromatic profile that contrasts beautifully with the nutty richness.

Brewing Methods of Lavazza Super Crema

This composition is tailor-made for espresso enthusiasts. With an espresso machine, you can consistently unlock its rich flavors and enticing aromas. The finely ground beans ensure a perfect shot every time, with a luscious crema that crowns your espresso.


In conclusion, Lavazza Super Crema isn’t just a coffee; it’s an experience waiting to be savored. With its medium roast profile, rich flavor, and enticing aroma, it caters to a wide range of coffee preferences. Whether you’re a seasoned coffee connoisseur or a novice, Super Crema welcomes all with open arms.

Therefore, if you’re on the quest for exceptional coffee, make Lavazza Super Crema your companion on this delightful voyage.

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