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My coffee journey has been a long and enlightening one. I’ve had the pleasure of exploring seven distinct Lavazza coffee beans, and each has offered a unique experience.

Every cup has taught me something new about the art of Italian coffee making and the rich history behind it. Each sip has felt like discovering a fresh story and savoring something truly extraordinary.

Join me as I recount my adventure with these exceptional coffees.

1. Lavazza Super Crema Whole Bean — Best Overall

Lavazza Super Crema with rich flavor comes from

Special place in my heart

In the course of my coffee explorations, Lavazza Super Crema has always held a special place in my heart. With every brew, it’s like reuniting with an old friend.

Made from natural Arabica beans from Brazil, and Robusta from Indonesia and Vietnam, the distinct fusion of these beans delivers a flavor and texture that resonates deeply with my soul.

Every sip envelops me in a warm embrace, with creamy richness melding seamlessly with comforting notes of brown sugar and hazelnut. It’s more than just flavors; it’s a gateway to memories and emotions.

This coffee transports me to cozy mornings, moments of introspection, and the simple joys of life. It strikes the perfect balance, neither too acidic nor too mild, reflecting the equilibrium I seek in life itself. Each cup is a voyage, a tribute to Lavazza’s unwavering commitment to Italian coffee traditions.

Ideal for espresso machine enthusiasts, it grinds beautifully and produces a rich crema that’s perfect for those who appreciate a well-balanced and versatile coffee. As I lose myself in its depths, I’m reminded of the beauty of traditions, the passage of time, and the enduring connections we form with the things we cherish.

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2. Lavazza Crema E Aroma

I’ve traveled to coffee spots around the world, from busy cities to cozy cafes. Italy, where coffee is an art, left a mark on me. Now, I’m excited to tell you about Lavazza Crema e Aroma.

This coffee is truly special, crafted from a blend of two unique beans: Arabica varieties from Central and South America and African Robusta coffees. Together, they create a delightful flavor that strikes a harmonious balance, neither overly sweet nor excessively bitter. It’s akin to savoring a dessert with subtle hints of nuts.

Even before my first sip, the aroma captivated me—it exuded the scents of freshly toasted bread and sweet caramel, filling the room with a delightful coffee fragrance.

One exceptional aspect of this coffee is its “crema,” akin to a fluffy cloud atop your coffee, which becomes wonderfully creamy when brewed to perfection.

The versatility of Crema e Aroma shines through; it can be prepared using various coffee machines, including espresso makers, Moka pots, French presses, or AeroPress. Who should consider trying this coffee? If you prefer a coffee that isn’t overly strong or too mild, Crema e Aroma is the perfect choice. You can savor it as a simple cup or let your creativity soar with cappuccinos and lattes. It’s akin to a coffee superhero for everyone!

So, Lavazza Crema e Aroma isn’t merely coffee; it’s a delectable adventure awaiting you. Give it a try, and you’ll understand precisely what I mean.

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3. Lavazza Espresso Barista Gran Crema — Best For Espresso

Great for Espresso

Picture taking a deep breath of this coffee; it smells like the best coffee in the world, reminiscent of the cozy aroma that envelops you when you wake up in the morning. That’s precisely how Lavazza Espresso Barista Gran Crema smells—warm and inviting.

Now, when you take that first sip, it’s as if a celebration unfolds on your taste buds. This coffee is undeniably delicious. It’s not excessively sweet, nor is it overly bitter; it’s perfectly balanced, akin to indulging in a delightful treat.

It’s smooth with a subtle sweetness attributed to Arabica varieties from Brazil and Honduras, slow roasted with African Robusta coffees, to create a rich, intense medium espresso roast. It possesses a robust character, thanks to the presence of Robusta beans. It’s as though these two bean types collaborate to make your taste buds dance with joy.

In simple words, this coffee boasts an incredible aroma, reminiscent of a cozy morning, and it tastes exceptional—neither too sweet nor too bitter; it’s just perfect!

Lavazza Espresso Barista Gran Crema is suitable for anyone who appreciates delicious coffee. Whether you’re an adult who starts the day with coffee or even a young coffee enthusiast seeking a taste this coffee is bound to bring smiles.

You can prepare Lavazza Espresso Barista Gran Crema using various coffee machines, but it truly shines with an espresso machine, which brings out all its delectable flavors.

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4. Lavazza Espresso Italiano Blend

Throughout my coffee-tasting journey, where I’ve had the privilege of sampling countless varieties, the Espresso Italiano Blend stands out distinctly.

Comprising primarily of Central and South American Arabica beans, its rich aroma, reminiscent of toasted bread, is instantly inviting. The initial sweetness, coupled with subtle hints of almond and hazelnut, creates a multi-layered flavor profile that lingers delightfully.

What elevates its character for me is brewing it in a traditional coffee pot, which accentuates its bold and robust nature.

The blend strikes a perfect balance between moderate acidity and a hint of bitterness, making it a versatile choice for my mornings—whether I desire a straightforward coffee or a creamy cappuccino.

It’s best brewed using a traditional coffee pot, making it an ideal choice for those who enjoy crafting specialty coffee beverages at home

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5. Lavazza Crema E Gusto

I’ve always been drawn to bold coffee flavors, and Crema e Gusto excels in this regard.

The moment I open the bag, a rich aroma reminiscent of dark chocolate greets me, setting the stage for the robust flavors that follow.

This blend, a harmonious fusion of Arabica and Robusta beans, mainly sourced from South America and Southeast Asia, offers a full-bodied aroma and flavor profile.

The Robusta beans contribute a distinct bitterness, beautifully balanced by the mild acidity of the Arabica beans. Additionally, the global influence in its composition, with beans sourced from different regions, adds layers of unique aroma and flavor to every cup.

The spicy notes, combined with its creamy texture, make Crema e Gusto a coffee experience that’s hard to resist. Perfect for aficionados of strong coffee, lovers of bold flavors with a touch of acidity, and those who relish exploring global coffee blends.

The best brewing methods for Lavazza Crema e Gusto Ground Coffee Blend are espresso machines or Moka pots.

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6. Lavazza Dek Decaf Espresso Bean — Best Decaf

Lavazza Dek Decaf

Decaf coffee

In the past, I wasn’t particularly fond of decaffeinated coffee. It often lacked the robust aroma and rich taste I associated with regular coffee. However, my perspective changed when I tried Lavazza’s Dek Decaf, a carefully crafted blend originating from a mix of Brazilian and Vietnamese Arabica and Robusta beans.

Upon opening the bag, I was greeted by a comforting aroma, reminiscent of fresh bread baking in the oven, with a subtle hint of cereal. It was a delightful surprise. Upon brewing and taking my first sip, I was even more impressed. This coffee, primarily composed of Arabica beans, boasts a flavor profile rich in various nuances.

I could discern hints of fruits and flowers, which made the coffee truly special. What’s more, it was remarkably smooth and creamy, striking a perfect balance between sourness and bitterness.

It was just right. Lavazza’s Dek Decaf has altered my perception of decaffeinated coffee. I once considered it a second-best option, but this blend has shown me that it can be just as good, if not better, than some regular coffees.

I’m delighted that I gave it a chance, and it’s now one of my favorite coffees to indulge in.

Lavazza Dek Decaf Espresso Bean is best suited for individuals who want to savor the rich and authentic taste of espresso without the caffeine. It’s suitable for use with an espresso machine or a Moka pot.

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7. Lavazza Qualita Oro Coffee Beans

Lavazza Qualita Oro

100% Arabica

Qualita Oro transcends the realm of ordinary coffee; it’s a testament to Lavazza’s unwavering commitment to crafting the finest coffee.

Comprising solely of Arabica beans, renowned for their top-notch quality, sourced from Central America and African highlands, this blend stands out amidst the crowd.

Upon opening a bag of Qualita Oro, the room is immediately filled with a sweet and inviting aroma, reminiscent of blooming flowers and ripe fruit on a sunny day.

Taking the first sip, it’s a delightful journey that unfolds. It begins with smoothness, featuring hints of fruit akin to biting into a juicy apple or pear. Subsequently, a touch of honey-like sweetness lingers, making each sip feel truly special.

What’s remarkable about this coffee is its impeccable balance—it’s neither too sour nor too bitter, making it effortlessly enjoyable at any time of day.

Every cup of Qualita Oro feels like a treat, a brief moment of luxury within my day. It serves as a reminder of the care and expertise Lavazza pours into their coffee. Whether I’m kickstarting my morning or taking a mid-afternoon break, Qualita Oro is consistently the perfect choice.

Best brewed using an espresso machine; tailored for coffee enthusiasts who truly appreciate the pinnacle of high-quality coffee.

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Lavazza’s Coffee Story Unveiled

In a charming café, I recently had the pleasure of discovering the interesting history behind Lavazza coffee. Picture this: a cozy corner, a freshly brewed cup of Lavazza coffee in hand, and an ambiance filled with the comforting aroma of coffee beans. It was as if I’d been transported back to 1895, to the beginnings of Lavazza.

Lavazza’s journey started humbly, with Luigi Lavazza running a small grocery store in Turin, Italy. Despite his modest beginnings, his passion for coffee quickly made him famous among the locals. I could almost hear the conversations and laughter that must have filled his store as people gathered to enjoy his exceptional coffee.

The café’s barista, a true coffee enthusiast, shared tales of Luigi Lavazza’s adventures in Brazil, where he mastered the art of blending coffee beans. It was during these travels that the unique Lavazza flavor was born, a flavor that continues to captivate coffee lovers worldwide.

Listening to the barista’s passionate stories, I felt a deeper connection with each sip of Lavazza coffee. It was no longer just a drink; it was a testament to a century-old legacy of dedication, craftsmanship, and innovation.

These stories not only enriched my coffee experience but also deepened my admiration for Lavazza’s commitment to quality and the environment. It’s incredible how a simple visit to a café can turn a cup of coffee into a journey through time, connecting us with the enduring traditions and timeless bonds that coffee can create.


If you are a real coffee fanatic, then you definitely know what Italian coffee has to offer. Italian coffee remains one of the best-selling beverages in the world. This shows how much work and effort has been put into growing and cultivating the beans.

Thanks to Luigi, Lavazza coffee beans have become more popular and well-respected across the globe.

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