The Complete Guide To Egg Coffee

The combo of coffee and egg is a kindred spirit on many breakfast tables. 

But have you ever imagined both in one cup?

Amongst the myriad of coffee styles, Egg coffee is what differentiates a true coffee lover from a theoretical one.

If you feel confounded with the thought of cracking an egg in your morning cup, then stick with us till the end to unfold the amazingness of egg coffee in this Ultimate Guide to Egg Coffee.

What is Egg Coffee?

If you savor an intensive and nutritious Vietnam-style coffee, egg coffee can be your perfect match. 

Egg coffee originated in Vietnam and soon found its way into the list of the most popular types of beverage in the world. It is prepared by whisking egg yolk with coffee beans and sugar to beget a velvety texture.

The Complete Guide To Egg Coffee

Are you in sixes and sevens so why use egg yolk? 

Well, the reason resonates back to the days of the late 1940s when milk was beyond the scope in Vietnam and after several disappointing experiments with many sweeteners and whipped creams, Nguyen Giang used egg yolk to yield a drink that was rich, smooth, and not overly sweet. 

For a logical explanation, eggs are great emulsifiers, which is why they’re so commonly used in baking. They render a lusciously dense texture when whisked into the toasty coffee beans of Vietnam. 

The concept ran under the hands of some fine coffee-makers over the next decade and skyrocketed in popularity during the Vietnam War when finding condensed milk was nothing short of a miracle.

Egg coffee is a blessing in disguise.  

It preserves the original flavor of the drink while bringing more nutritional value to your cup.

Trying New Things With Egg Coffee?

Can We Use Instant Coffee in Making Egg Coffee? – NO

Coffee is perhaps the most vital element and egg coffee relates to black coffee.  However, if you think there is no harm in experimenting with new things, you may try it.

You may use instant coffee if you don’t have access to an espresso machine but it is not recommended because it has the lowest value of tasting among all the coffee kinds. Also, the sugar and artificial ingredients in instant coffee will destroy the taste.

Using Pre-ground Coffee in Making Egg Coffee

Pre-ground coffee is the next best option. Bags of pre-ground coffee can be found in any nearby store.

Pre-ground coffee is superior to instant coffee, but the downside is that as soon as you unpack the pouch, the quality of the coffee begins to crumble. 

Therefore, make sure to store it properly to preserve as much flavor profile as possible.

Crushing the Coffee Bean Just Before Use

Crushing the full coffee bean before making your coffee is the most sensible way to prepare Vietnamese egg coffee.

This way the flavor of the coffee bean will be preserved in its original form by crushing them just a few seconds before use.

Coffee Filters For Egg Coffee

To have the finest-tasting Vietnamese egg coffee, brew it with a coffee maker or machine.

Filter coffee machines are an affordable option as well. You can modernize to something with more unique features if you’ve used one of these brewing methods to make coffee.

Egg Coffee Recipe

If you know how to make coffee, then egg coffee should be smooth sailing, after all, it’s just an additional egg. 

Let’s have a look at what you need in your bucket before starting to brew egg coffee.

Ingredients (Per serving)

  • 1 chicken egg
  • 2 tablespoons sugared condensed milk
  • 3 tablespoons of Vietnamese coffee powder
  • 1 cup of boiling water

How To Make Egg Coffee?

Now that you have everything ready, it’s time to pull some strings to brew your favorite elixir. 

  • Start by blending the egg yolk (discard the egg white for some other cooking venture) and condensed milk in a mixing bowl and whisk until a smooth, light, and creamy texture is obtained. This can be done manually or with the help of an electric blender to save time.
  • Get coffee by placing a coffee filter over the cup. Let it drip for about 5 minutes. 
  • Use a spatula or teaspoon to pour the whisked egg mixture such that it settles on the top of the coffee.
  • You can also pour your filtered coffee into a transparent coffee cup and then top with the creamy egg mixture for an artistic presentation. The coffee at the base of the cup takes on a richer texture after being poured over the egg mixture.
  • Relish the flavors on your taste buds with a nutritional boost to your day.

In most cases, egg coffee is presented in a small cup. A cup of coffee is preferred to be placed in a bowl of lukewarm water to keep the beverage warm.

Tips: We should enjoy drinking it while it’s hot, or keep warm with a bowl of hot water surrounding the cup.

Benefits of Egg Coffee

Why go the extra mile when your normal cup of coffee is doing just enough? 

Hold on, there is more than one reason!

Adding an egg to your coffee can be the next best thing of your routine if you’re health-conscious. When you beat a raw egg into your coffee, it becomes silky light, and delicious while still adding nutritional value. 

According to some, putting an egg in the morning cup gives a head-start to the day since the egg adds protein, and coffee is renowned for speeding up your metabolism.

Above all, egg coffee is a quick fix for those who are uncomfortable with the intake of eggs in other forms.

Make Your Egg Coffee Cup Today!

This Complete Guide to Egg Coffee is adequate to integrate deliciousness and nutritional benefits in your morning cup yourself.

It’s no rocket science! 

Just follow the gutsy experiment of Nguyen Giang and who knows, it might suit your taste perfectly and make a place in your heart.

What you are seeking is seeking you!

Leave your queries and suggestions in the comment box and let us know your first experience with egg coffee.

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