Top 10 Best Instant Coffee Review 2023

The journey of coffee beans was going quite elementary until the historic breakthrough of Instant Coffee. And since then, it has been a rollercoaster ride to date.

We all have been through days when we feel too lazy to brew our coffee or visit a cafe to get our cup. Right?

The misery is history now. All hail to Instant Coffee!

However, every sweet has its sour. The sour of our story is that buying your Instant Coffee is a gamble if you are a newbie to this game.

Either you get a pouch that is sent from the sky to gratify your taste buds for the next few weeks or you get one that is dead in flavor or excruciatingly bitter. No in-between!

Coffee is a sophisticated beverage that necessitates a high level of expertise and consideration from the fans. Taking certain factors out of the equation makes it very simple to obtain a good cup.

So, while it may not be for fervent coffee snobs, we all have to admit that there is a need for some hassle to get blessed with the best.

And we have done that for you.

We conducted thorough research to see which instant coffee brands have the most stellar reviews. We considered every possibility, from flavor richness to aroma to the level of roast and much more. This led us to compile our list of the 10 Best Instant Coffee to satisfy the likes of ALL.

10 Best Instant Coffee At A Glance (Comparison Table) 100 words

1- Starbucks VIA Ready Brew CoffeeDark RoastDecaffeinated by natureNutty and well-balancedA fluffy coffee with a distinct nutty taste.
2-Folgers Classic Roast Instant Coffee CrystalsMedium-Dark roastClassic flavorful blendConsistent flavor throughout the canister.
3-Nescafe Taster’s Choice House Blend Instant CoffeeMild RoastSweet, creamy, and well-balanced taste.Premium coffee jar made from sustainably processed beans.
4-Hills Bros. Instant Cappuccino MixMedium RoastElite coffeehouse delectable flavor5 irresistible flavors
5-Mount Hagen Organic Instant Regular CoffeeLight RoastCoffee with a single originWon awards for best instant coffee
6-Douwe Egberts Pure Gold Instant CoffeeMedium Roast12 dainty flavors100% Arabica Coffee
7-Trung Nguyen – G7 3 In 1 Instant CoffeeMild Roast3 In 1 BlendBeans from Jamaica, Vietnam, and Brazil are blended to give a tasteful creamy texture.
8-Adaptogen Coffee by Four SigmaticLight RoastMade from naturally farmed and wild-harvested Ingredients beneficial for healthSuitable For All Diets
9-Maxwell House International Instant CoffeeCafe style mix beverage17 servings in each canisterOffers great value for money
10-Vinacafe 3 in 1 Instant Coffee MixMedium RoastedRich Aroma And Vibrant Coffee Flavor From High-Quality Coffee Beans
Best instant coffee brands

1- Starbucks VIA Ready Brew Coffee

The undisputed winner of this list is Starbucks VIA.

What makes it The Best Instant Coffee?

To begin with, the dark roasted premium Arabica beans are like any other coffee beans, minus the fidgety adverse effects.

Make sure to guard your cup – The bold and strong flavor with a touch of sweetness and rich aroma would lure anyone to take a sip in your absence.

The decaf version is a blessing for those who want a good sleep after having coffee without any uneasy episodes at night.

It is a perfect traveling partner since the packing is compact and lightweight, and it won’t add a lot of weight to your bag.

While Starbucks’ outlet prices are comparatively high, their instant coffee is remarkably inexpensive, and comes in a range of sizes, starting from an 8-pack package and going as far as a pack of 50.

All the 8 flavors are one of their kind and worth checking. Each has a peculiar taste that compels the drinkers to try out the other flavor too and the cycle continues.

The journey from tear opening the packet to have a ready-to-drink coffee takes 10 seconds. Add it into hot water and a few stirs. That’s all you need to do to stimulate Starbucks’ in-store experience at the convenience of your home.

Pros Cons 
It revitalizes the experience of Starbucks’ coffee at home at a more affordable price.Readily soluble.Italian Roast comes in decaf.Ethically sourced organic ingredients.It’s bundled in individual packages, making it suitable for traveling.There is a range of styles and flavors to pick from.Non-biodegradable packing.

2-Folgers Classic Roast Instant Coffee Crystals

It is always satisfying to hear that your favorite coffee brand is now easily available at the nearest grocery store in the form of instant coffee.

Yes, we are talking about Folgers Classic Roast Instant Coffee that is the heartthrob of many coffee lovers around the globe.

Folger is in the business for over 170 years and one thing is evident from the reviews for their instant coffee – They are doing something different yet surprisingly perfect to make a place in everyone’s heart.

These ‘Coffee Crystals’ dissolve in water to formulate an elixir that is as extravagant and elite as the name itself. 

The composition is approved by Kosher and has a medium-dark roast with a silky texture and outstanding savory.

Depending on what you want to do with the blend, the instant coffee crystals are instantly soluble in water, beverages, milk, seasonings, and whatnot – Just try it for yourself.

And did I mention how affordable it is?

Well, you get about 4 dozen cups in a canister that is as affordable as you can imagine. Not to mention that smaller packings are always an option too.

What else can you ask for? At this price point, you will not find another instant coffee brand that offers freeze-dried beans having the likelihood to become the next best thing of your mornings.

Pros Cons 
This instant mix has a taste that is superior to a freshly brewed cup of Folgers.The crystals dissolve almost immediately, presenting you with a smooth texture that takes little effort.It is approved by Kosher.It goes hand-in-hand with hot chocolate, smoothies, and bakery items.Many people discover that a large number of crystals are required to produce the desired strength and taste.

3-Nescafe Taster’s Choice House Blend Instant Coffee

Ah, Nescafe. Turn up your chill by partnering up with the most reputable brand in the coffee world.

The instant coffee of the Swiss-based brand is a hot sale since the launch and continues to be the leader of the market.

Are you wondering what sets them apart from the rest of the lot?

Nescafe Taster’s Choice is a medium roast that offers a creamy, rich, and natural flavor every time just by adding it into hot water. 

This instant coffee recipe is made entirely from premium, naturally sourced freshly roasted beans, and the air-tight glass container ensures that none of the valuable nuances or aromas are compromised while the jar rests in your pantry.

Nestle promises that this upgrade will make lovers of the previous instant coffee blend even happier.

The instant coffee blend is distributed in California and is suitable for those on a restricted diet.

Buyers describe the coffee as a godsend in times of need. It helped them get through the stressful days when they wanted a caffeine boost but didn’t have access to energy or resources. 

Last but not the least, the coffee can dissolve in cold water as well and can remain fresh for months in its jar.

Pros Cons 
It comes with richer, sweet, and well-balanced flavoring.This recipe can also be used to produce iced coffee.It’s a step up from the previous mix, which consumers adore.Not available in smaller packages.

4-Hills Bros. Instant Cappuccino Mix

Just when you think that things are too straightforward in the arena of Instant Coffee, Hills Bros. Instant Cappuccino Mix comes to stir life to your cup and mood.

Talking of the versatility of this blend, the confusion is where to start from – There is so much to talk about!

The mix is available in 14 different flavors. Yes, you read it right! From English Toffee to Salted Caramel to Hazelnut and Mocha Mint, Hill Bros has taken care of every taste and preference for coffee lovers. You may need to reconsider your favorite every time you try a new flavor.

Talking of the versatility, it is worth mentioning that Hills Bros. Instant Cappuccino Mix comes in all sizes and packs. Go for the 1 pound pack to start with and try out different flavors to find your best match.

Plus, you can cool off your coffee with an ice-blended liquid, or spice things up by substituting a coffee drink blend with sugar and cream or something that you prefer. 

With soft notes and a smooth vanilla taste, the decaf French vanilla coffee is foamy and decadent.

Look no further than the instant decaf French vanilla cappuccino blend while you’re craving a decadent cup of coffee that won’t hold you awake all night.

Pros Cons 
Trusted brand.Largest range of flavors for all likes.Decadent mix that will not come in the way of your sleeping schedule.Available in sugar-free.Slightly tricky to mix in room temperature water.

5-Mount Hagen Organic Instant Regular Coffee

Mount Hagen is without a doubt the best coffee brand to meet your lifestyle if you’re longing for organically produced instant coffee that can give you your morning boost of caffeine. It has a velvety slick and rich taste thanks to its freeze-dried light roasted beans.

And if you want to free yourself from the guilt of consuming artificial flavors in your cup, then get your hands on Mount Hagen Organic Instant Coffee. It is composed of 100% organic ingredients approved by Fairtrade.

The Arabica beans and Kosher blends stir a gentle and silky taste, with a professional touch and nuance. Also in instant form, the consistency of this mix is unparalleled, and the exclusive flavor it provides is extraordinary. 

There are no concessions to be made here; flavor and comfort go in conjunction with each other.

Don’t just take our word for it. The product has won several awards for being the best instant coffee worldwide.

The single-origin Coffee of Papua New Guinea comes in both jar and single-serving sticks. 

And lastly, the price tag is highly affordable despite having the certificate of Fairtrade attached with the brand. 

Now, how often do you see that?

Scrumptious taste for every dime!

Pros Cons 
It’s perfect as a hot or iced coffee.Single-origin, natural, and fair-trade certified beans.Numerous awards have been given to the coffee, and it consistently ranks at the top of multiple indexes.Made entirely of Arabica beans.Not preferred for lovers of strong coffee.

6-Douwe Egberts Pure Gold Instant Coffee

You can’t keep Douwe Egberts out of the league of best instant coffee.

This brand is a Dutch classic, and as the name suggests, it has been around for over 210 years.

This time it came in a medium and more vibrant roast with a sharp finish ideal to start your day with.

Douwe Egberts knows what they are doing. 

They precisely balanced the medium roast with rich and smooth flavors with smooth nutty notes. The texture is smooth and medium (they even produce a dark roast if you love), with a delightful aroma that is undeniably half of the coffee perks.

The coffee beans are responsibly handled throughout their journey from field to pantry shelf since they are cultivated in South Africa and shipped from the Netherlands.

It’s on the higher end of the price scale since you’re getting a top-notch brand. Also, the glass container in which it is packed is appealing and of excellent quality.

Pros Cons 
Oldest and most reliable coffee makers.Perfect for intake at any time of day.Value and flavor are not compromised to keep costs down.For optimum comfort, the coffee dissolves easily.The fragile jar needs careful handling to avoid breakage.

7-Trung Nguyen – G7 3 In 1 Instant Coffee 

Trung Nguyen has reformulated the initial instant coffee mix into a modern and revamped three-in-one recipe.

Instant coffee is designed to cut down on the time it takes to prepare and enjoy a cup of coffee. A 3-in-1 mix takes matters a step further by obviating the need for sugar and cream in your coffee-making procedure.

You won’t have to add cream and sugar later because it’s already blended in. It combines with coffee to produce a rich, instant drink. From stem to stern, the coffee-making process takes just half a minute.

So if you are planning a trip or are running late for work, Trung Nguyen 3-in-1 instant coffee is a fine fellow.

It may not be the healthiest of instant coffee but it certainly satisfies your sweet tooth in the most delightful manner.

This one-of-a-kind coffee blend features 100 individual instant coffee sachets that disappear easily in 70ml of hot water, empowering you to get the most out of your mornings.

Pros Cons 
It comes in individual sachets, making it suitable for vacations and tours.Convenient and simple to brew.It is a blend of beans from all over the world to add novel flavors of distinct types.Saves time and resources by eliminating the need for sugar and cream.For those who like their coffee black, the addition of sugar and cream is a compromise.The intense smoky blend can be too strong for some people.

8-Adaptogen Coffee by Four Sigmatic

This one is especially for those who fear the downside of caffeine and miss out on this heavenly drink.

Adaptogen Coffee by Four Sigmatic with 100 % pure organic beans with Lion’s Mane, ashwagandha, and tulsi. The wholesome ingredients are safely sourced so that you can rest assured about the health standards.

The herbal drinks are usually far-off from the touch of taste but Adaptogen Coffee is an exception. The majority of consumers felt that the taste is a little citrusy, but the flavors, aroma, and texture of the coffee is fit for the king.

Instant coffee made with 100 percent organic Arabica coffee beans, Chaga, and lion’s mane mushroom powder has notable benefits including increased concentration and productivity. Not to mention that the perks it offer to your immune system

Since it’s made from only raw, organic products and no chemical flavors, it’s a great fit for every lifestyle –  keto, vegetarian, gluten-free, and so on.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for all health-conscious people who can’t make an excuse for ruling out coffee from their diet.

Pros Cons 
100% organic and sustainable.Individual packages make it portable.It is ideal for a range of dietary restrictions.For added neurological and immune assistance, it incorporates Lions’ Mane and Chagra mushroom powder.
Low caffeine content for the likes of some people.A little pricey.

9-Maxwell House International Instant Coffee

Maxwell House International Instant Coffee can be the best instant coffee you can find if you don’t hesitate to pay a little extra for an elite coffee experience.

This coffee is crafted from 100% Arabica beans that have been freeze-dried to retain the beans’ anise flavor and fragrance. With floral notes, the medium roast has a creamy, well-balanced taste. They’ve put in a lot of effort to make an instant coffee that looks and feels like an immaculately brewed cup.

The quintessential instant coffee brand of the United States has formulated a plethora of creamy mouthfeel, sweet, and seamless seasoning tones. There are some sweet fruity tones in the finish as well.

To put a cherry on top, the company offers an amazing range of flavors including French Vanilla, Suisse Mocha, Hazelnut, Francais, Orange, Vienna, and many more so that you may start every morning with a unique novel taste.

Pros Cons 
Consistency is preserved by using a vacuum-sealed canister.Ideal for those who maintain kosher.Contains dairy products.Not available in small packets making it difficult to travel with.

10-Vinacafe 3 in 1 Instant Coffee Mix

If you’re in a hurry and don’t have a minute of spare time, Vinacafe 3 in 1 Instant Coffee Mix is a rare privilege to still get your morning coffee. 

This instant coffee is a blend of non-dairy condensed milk and sugar. Just mix the sachet in water and a few stirs are all you need to do to have a ready-to-drink cup of coffee.

Vinacafe isn’t for those who like decaf, but it’s perfect for those who can’t drink their morning brew without dairy or sugar. Simply grab your compact packet and some hot water, and you’re ready to go!

It integrates robusta and arabica coffee beans to give you the best of all worlds when it comes to the flavor profile and nutty notes.

The instant coffee solution can be served hot or cold, and it can be prepared in the same amount of time in any case.

They still have a higher-end premium mix of fairtrade beans. These were cultivated and roasted in Vietnam before being shipped and delivered to you as instant coffee.

Pros Cons 
It has a nice taste and gives you a pleasant endorphin rush at the same time.To make the procedure much smoother and simpler, the blend contains creamer and sugar.The combination contains both arabica and robusta beans, giving you the ultimate experience.Because of the sugar, some people may find it too sweet.This blend does not quite fit the taste of original Vietnamese coffee as per the old fans.

Wrapping Up 

That’s all folks!

Instant coffee is manna from heaven.

It requires minimum hassle and is closing its gap with the quality and taste of brewed coffee with every passing day.

The takeaway point is to remember picking up any of the above-mentioned products else you may end up making a bad memory.

We suggest the Vinacafe and G7 3 In 1 Instant Coffee if you can’t muffle the scruples of arranging cream and sugar every time you intend to make yourself some coffee.

For definitive drinkers, Starbucks VIA and Mount Hagen can provide the iconic experience in less than a minute.

Whatever you will choose, you’ll surely end up having a great experience for which you will remember us for all the happy years to come.

Have a question? Leave a comment down below.

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